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  • Kinross Wolaroi School is a TESUP’s customer!

    We are so happy to have Kinross Wolaroi School as a TESUP’s customer! This school have educated generations of successful students for over 130 years. We hope Atlas2.0 will help to increase kid’s interest in renewable energy and show how important is to stop polluting the Earth! #TESUP #kinrosswolaroi #windenergy #renewablenergy #windturbines#pollution #STEM #schoolprojects #electricity

  • MasterX Wind Turbine - TESUP's new product

    Low power wind turbines are a great method of supplying renewable energy to households, urban networks and infrastructure, or off-grid systems when it is required. TESUP gathered the previous experiences and the newest technologies to launch MasterX, a horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT). MasterX is the right choice for you if you have average wind speed of 4-6 m/s in your location. You can use this wind map to know it. For the high wind speeds, the wind turbine charge controller with its manual braking switch prevents the batteries from overcharging and protects the turbine in a stormy whether. We could say that for areas with a common wind range it is less efficient to have a wind turbine that is only able to give you a max power just a few times per month, when wind is strong enough. This makes MasterX a very special wind turbine as it is very efficient at the low wind speeds. MasterX has high ROI. Let's make a basic calculation. If there is 10 hrs good wind MasterX can generate around 10 kWh per day. In a year it makes 3650 kWh yield of energy. Let’s consider electricity price as £0.50 per hour. The MasterX can help £1825.00 savings. The wind turbine is just £380 itself. The location is really crucial to calculate the ROI. As a good master is needed to handle horses the good wind turbine is required to harness the power of the wind. #tesup #electronics #renewableenergy #greenenergy #alternativeenergy #windenergy #windpower #windturbines #cleanenergy #cleanenvironment #electricalpower #wind #researches #windpower #windspeedscales #MasterX

  • Hybrid inverter / charge control devices can damage wind turbine generators because of stopping it!

    Although these hybrid devices are called multi-purpose battery inverters and solar panel charge controllers; as can be understood from their affordable prices, their hardware content is really limited. It does not operate well with wind turbine's dynamic energy production performance (variable resistance and current). These hybrid multi-purpose inverter / charge controllers can access to wind turbines electronically through batteries and can stop the wind turbines (electronic short circuit braking) unexpectedly, continuous brake. It stops the wind turbine and does not allow it to generate energy. Wind turbine engines (alternators) or the blades will be forced to stop unexpectedly because of this electronic short-circuit braking by the hybrid inverter/charger and wind turbine's generator or the blades will be damaged after a while for sure. The short circuit braking from the hybrid multipurpose inverter / charge controller; due to the wind and the wind turbine being forced to stop by unexpectedly, can damage the generator, blades or mounting pole. - If the wind turbine can not rotate because of the hybrid multipurpose inverter / charge controller, the energy can not be transferred to anywhere and it will damage the generator as a result. - If the wind turbine can not rotate because of the hybrid multipurpose inverter / charge controller, the wind turbine can not rotate and the wind force can damage blades or mounting pole by its moment. Wind turbines cannot be operated with these multi-purpose inverter / charge controllers, it is excluded from the manufacturer's warranty! All other battery inverters are suitable for the operation of wind turbines and are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, except for these hybrid multi-purpose inverter / charge controllers! - Example: A dynamic and variable power chart - Wind Turbine - Example: On-Grid vs Off-Grid System Comparison For a proper on-grid inverter please visit this page.

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