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  • TESUP's Recommendations on Wind Turbines Installation

    The placement of your vertical and horizontal wind turbines can have a large effect on how much power they generate. Wind speed is a very important factor in how fast your turbine spins and therefore how much power it produces. Placing your AtlasX at the peak of a smooth hill or sloped roof can increase the power it generates significantly. As the wind approaches the turbine it speeds up along the surface of the roof, allowing your wind turbine to spin faster and generate more power. This is the ideal spot for the AtlasX wind turbine! If multiple AtlasX wind turbines are being used in close proximity to one another they should be arranged so they are not downwind of each other as much as possible. The air exiting a wind turbine is very turbulent and not great for power generation. You should avoid placing the AtlasX at the edge of a cliff or the edge of a flat roofed building. The wind will hit the side of the cliff and reduce the wind speed at your AtlasX as well as generate a large amount of turbulence, reducing the efficiency of your turbine. Aim to place your TESUP wind turbine as high as possible, on the roof of a building or on a standalone pole is great! Wind speed is slowest at ground level so making sure the turbine is as high up as possible will maximise the wind speed and power generation. A horizontal wind turbine should not be placed behind obstacles (like buildings or trees). Where possible the place your wind turbine should be placed ten times the height of the obstacle away from the obstacle to minimise the effect of the turbulence from the obstacle on the turbine. The turbine can also be placed on a pole so it is above the height of the obstacle. . #renewableenergy #windpower #windturbines #windfarm #domesticpower #alternativeenergy #installation #tesup #cleanfuture #cleanenergy #electricalpower #greenenergy #AtlasX

  • How to be forward looking? 👀 or What is the Aarhus Convention?🤓

    The #Rights of public in regards to the #Environment. The Aarhus Convention is forward looking. According to it there is an equal right and duty to environmental protection and human rights today. It also makes clear that we have an obligation to improve the environment for the benefit of present and future generations. So the answer is: to be forward looking is to live green with TESUP now. #tesup #windturbine #windgenerator #atlas #installation #windpower #windenergy #greenenergy #cleanenergy #renewableenergy #alternativeenergy #cleanplanet #cleanfuture #savetheplanet #climatechange #ecology #uk #usa #europe #environment

  • HydroSide is a TESUP user!

    There are lots of environmental problems in the world. Luckily, we are not the only one working for saving the Earth. There is so much energy in wind and water that we can use to produce clean energy. HydroSide is a company that develops hydroelectric innovation. With HydroSide, you can say goodbye to gas and hello to water power. TESUP and HydroSide know how important using renewable energy is.

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  • TESUP UK | Contact

    Hello! Thank you for choosing TESUP UK, we are World’s largest manufacturer of household wind turbines and flexible solar panels! This is so great that you are interested in clean energy. It is important to meet and solve global climate change issues together. With TESUP products it is easy to charge your electric vehicle and generate clean renewable energy for your home. To become a green energy producer and user all you need is three products: - Wind turbine, charge controller and inverter - Solar panels also can be connected to the inverter Local electricians can easily install the cabling to your house within two hours. We deliver products to your door-steps in 3 days. All information such as installation videos and user manuals about our products are available on product pages. However, if you will feel that the given information is not enough, you can attend our weekly lectures on renewable energy solutions or book an individual 1-to-1 consultancy with TESUP engineers. Book Now! Choose one... [1] Box Tracking Inquiry [2] New Sales Inquiry arrow&v I want to subscribe to the newsletter. Thanks for submitting! Submit

  • After Sales | TESUP UK

    After Sales Ticket Place your ticket now for us to solve it! You need to upload a video which is showing all system components, sun shine and wind speed. Order Number First Name Last Name Email Tel Tell us about the problem Upload Video Uploading your video might take 2 min. Upload Photo Max. image size is 25MB Upload Photo Max. image size is 25MB Upload Document Uploading your doc. might take 2 min. Submit Ticket Thanks for the ticket. Please check your email now! Please leave this field empty. TESUP Installation Videos Play Video All Videos

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