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 12V TESUP Neswind 300W Marine Wind Turbine: This wind turbine produces AC, please purchase any of above listed hybrid charge controllers for DC output.

-- Aluminum body: Perfect for heating and cooling effect of stator
-- Quiter wings: improved wing airfoils
-- Movement at lower wind speeds: 2.8m/s
-- Double bearings: Less vibration
-- Inox bearing: Stainless
-- Extented tail shape: Catches the wind great
-- 4 cable slip ring: This high-tech slip ring is being used in aircraft industry

The TESUP 300W is a quiet, powerful lightweight 300 watt wind generator for any application. Fully optimised for marine conditions, it is also used extensively in a variety of industrial applications, such as powering communication and remote monitoring stations, and in very extreme environments such as Antarctica. Designed to withstand the most extreme wind conditions and environments, the TESUP 300 is also extremely easy to integrate with solar panels for hybrid systems and can be left running through the strongest winds. Add wind power to an existing off-grid power system to compliment a diesel generator - cut down your fuel usage and save money. Fully marinised aluminium alloy and stainless steel components are protected from the elements with aerospace grade coatings and anodising.

 TESUP 300 Wind Turbine Datasheet
 Neswind 12-24 Volt 650 Watt Hybrid Charge Controller Specifications
— Ships In: 1 Day
— Warranty: 2 Years
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