Now Ready to Order! World's First 2-in-1 EV Charger and Solar Inverter

SolarEdge's EV charging single phase inverter is the world's first of its kind featuring easier installation and even faster charging with the breakthrough solar boost mode.

By utilizing simultaneous grid and solar charging, solar boost mode offers homeowners the ability to charge their EV up to 2.5 times faster than a standard Mode 2 charger.

And by using electricity coming from renewable solar energy rather than from conventional sources, your customers' EV emissions will be reduced even further.

We charge our homes from the sun’s energy, why not our cars?

Maximize homeowners’ self-consumption and reduce their electricity bills by diverting surplus solar production for EV charging. With seamless monitoring platform integration, homeowners can track their charging status, control vehicle charging, and set charging schedules i.e. charge from the grid during off-peak hours.

Key benefits

- Combines solar and grid power for EV charging up to 2.5 times faster than a typical Mode 2 charger

- Record-breaking 99% efficiency and high reliability, powered by HD-Wave technology

- Reduces workload and costs of installing a standalone EV charger and a solar inverter

- Maximizes self-consumption and optimizes use of renewable energy

- Designed to work specifically with SolarEdge power optimizers

- Small, lightweight, and as easy to install and commission as a standard SolarEdge inverter

- Built-in, module-level monitoring

- Advanced safety features, including integrated arc fault protection

- Flexible selection of charger cable types and lengths (cable and holder ordered separately)

- Built-in 6mA DC-RCD, compliant with IEC 62752:2016, for reduced labor and installation cost

- Cables of multiple lengths supporting type 1 and 2 connectors are ordered separately. Ask your local SolarEdge sales person for details


SolarEdge's EV Charging Inverter Datasheet

SolarEdge EV Charging Inverter

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