TESUP Home Wind Energy Systems

TESUP Solar Panels can be added to the battery input


A game-changer technology by TESUP: This is all you need togenerate, store and consume your own clean energy. TESUP Master940 is a powerful wind turbine which can power up your home. 3 Cables coming from the wind turbine have to be connected to the wind charge controller. 2 Cables coming from the charge controller have to be connected to the battery. The battery can be connected to the main electricty grid.


Warranty: the 5-year product warranty

Colour: Platinum Grey

Mounting pole: Any 1 1/2" metal pipe or scaffolding


Box Components

* TESUP 48V Master940 Wind Turbine

* TESUP 48 Battery Charge Controller

* 48V SMA Sunny Island Inverter

* 48V LG Chem RESU Battery

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