TESUP manufactures wind turbines and flexible solar panels.

  • We deliver goods to your doorstep with DHL or UPS. Easy to install, QR Code to watch the installation video is on the box.

  • The headquarters is in London (Building 7, Chiswick Park); we have got various factories, workshops, local warehouses and offices.

  • We are operating in 26 countries with local warehouses, offices and employees.

  • TESUP UK was established in 2016 but our renewable energy experience and knowledge dating back to 1974. We have been involved in various hydroelectric, wind and solar power plants with experience 1000+ MW total installed capacity.



The world was built on non-renewable energy but it’s time to make the switch to renewable energy, and fast. That can be hard to do when most renewable energy technologies are expensive, but just like a chameleon, the change can be easy with TESUP.


  • We provide affordable, innovative, high-quality, clean energy technologies that can be available to everyone: Homeowners, businesses, schools, non-profits and government organisations.


Clean energy should not be a hardship, it should be a lifestyle. Our aim is to see TESUP wind turbines and flexible solar panels operational on every single home in the UK to generate its own electricity for electric cars and household needs.

  • We keep on growing. The number of sales invoices that have been made in the last 12 months is over 5500 despite the pandemic. We are working hard to list TESUP in the preferred London and New York Stock Exchange Markets before 2025.


Nadiia Tsymbal
- Channel Sales and Marketing Manager
- Investor Relations Manager