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Designed with 25yrs warranty in mind. Our team carefully monitors and controls every production process from prototyping through to end-of-line inspection and final packing. Every product is subject to our strict quality control standards, ensuring that your expectations of quality and consistency are met. We’d be happy to give you a detailed runthrough of our testing standards, so contact us today if you’d like to speak with a service rep.


-- 18/1/2018 TESUP International Co. designed 12.0 MWac solar park in Kahramanmaras.
-- 28/12/2017 TESUP International Co. has completed 4.6 MWdc solar park in the municipality of Amasya in the Turkey.
-- 27/09/2017 DIT (Department of International Trade) in London supports UK companies in expanding their export activities and grow into global markets. The DIT is now supporting TESUP and help achive it`s objectives, with the primary goal of reaching 50,000 new exports by 2020.
-- 26/09/2017 TESUP Electronics is more than happy to offer discount to The Sun Trip bikers. Link
-- 21/09/2017 TESUP Electronics is going to be exhibited in London Homebuilding & Renovating Show at P175. Link
-- 28/07/2017 With TESUP`s SMA export limitation the installation owner can reduce their electricity bill with a PV installation without the extra cost of upgrading the grid infrastructure. Link
-- 21/07/2017 Read latest press article about TESUP, discover our new international SPP (Solar Power Plant) investments.
TESUP1, our the newest MW scale power plant. Link
-- 23/06/2017 TESUP Electronics is going to be exhibited in British Marine`s Southampton Boat Show 2017. Link
-- 01/03/2017 TESUP Electronics is going to be exhibited in EcoBuild London 2017 Exhibition.



  The world was built on non-renewable energy but it’s time to make the switch to renewable energy, and fast. That can be hard to do when most renewable energy technologies are expensive, but just like a chameleon, the change can be easy with TESUP Electronics. With experience and knowledge dating back to 1974, we London based company have committed to designing smart electronic products for the renewable energy sector and providing solutions in line with our clients’ needs. Our engineers provide affordable, innovative, high-quality, clean energy technologies that can be available to everyone: homeowners, businesses, schools, non-profits and government organisations.

  We have been involved in various international energy projects; for example, dams & hydroelectric power plants, wind power plants, solar power plants and experience 1000+MW total installed capacity.

  We manufacture products as well as buy wholesale from factories and online retail all over the globe. Soon we’ll have a warehouse and office in San Diego, USA. Smart home appliances, generators, battery storages; we have it all. We also invest in smart electronic sectors such as robotics, smart gadgets-toys via our sister companies. Our product range is not only vast, but diverse. Our ‘Best Buy’ category to find unbeatable prices.

Clean energy should not be a hardship, it should be a lifestyle.

Visit tesup.co.uk/products to see our product range and pricing for more info. Our working hours are 8am to 6pm on weekdays.


TESUP Electronics
Living with clean energy...
International Project Experience
Solar Power Plants:
3.00 kWe Aberdeen Solar Distributed Energy System;
20,000.00 kWe Panama Solar Power Plant Final Design,
188.00 kWe Statkraft Cakit Solar Power Plant Final Design,
23,000.00 kWe Kahramanmaras Solar Power Plant Final Design,
40.00 kWe Formula I Off Grid Solar Power Plant,
100.00 kWe Shell Fuel Station Solar Power Plant,
4.00 kWe Green Peace Off Grid Solar Power Plant,
20.00 kWe Trading University Off Grid Solar Power Plant,
690.00 kWe Ali Emre Solar Power Plant,
420.00 kWe Alioglu Solar Power Plant,
530.00 kWe Ali Seydi Emre Solar Power Plant,
1,000.00 kWe Arif Yildiz Solar Power Plant,
800.00 kWe Suleyman Emre Solar Power Plant,
10.00 kWe Construction Site Off Grid Solar Power Plant,
80.00 kWe Amasya Kalekoy Farm Solar Power Plant,
35,000.00 kWe Malatya Solar Power Plant Final Design,
46,000.00 kWe Konya Solar Power Plant Final Design,
1,000.00 kWe Amasya Asbasak Solar Power Plant,
1,000.00 kWe Amasya Yelgin Mesci Solar Power Plant,
2,000.00 kWe Malatya Demirel Solar Power Plant,
995.00 kWe Elazig Kizilkaya Solar Power Plant,
1000.00 kWe Amasya Omer Gelen Solar Power Plant,
1000.00 kWe Amasya Sevket Cimen Solar Power Plant,
4.00 kWe Dr. Nurettin - Perihan Erk High School Off Grid Solar Power Plant,
2,000.00 kWe Erzurum Alya Energy Solar Power Plant.
Wind Power Plants:
9,000.00 kWe Elmali Wind Power Plant;
14,000.00 kWe Kurtini Wind Power Plant,
16,000.00 kWe Alacati Wind Power Plant,
2.00 kWe MSC Wind Power Plant.
Hydro Electric Power Plants:
17.00 MWe Tepehan Hydro Electric Power Plant;
6.00 MWe Aksu Hydro Electric Power Plant,
29.00 MWe Devecikonagi Hydro Electric Power Plant,
130.00 MWe Hydro Electric Power Plant,
Dam Derinoz,
Dam Ulukoy,
700.00 MWe Altinkaya Hydro Electric Power Plant,
58.00 MWe Altinkaya Hydro Electric Power Plant.
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